Risen from ground is a 3rd person MMO that is being created by the team at Button Bashed Technologies. While looking for a new project to take on, one of the BBT members Nomk came up with an idea to make a classic role playing game, dark and gloomy, while using a modern engine with polished graphics and not as pixelated as the classics were.

As risen from ground is currently in it’s pre alpha stage of development, an open beta for risen from ground is not expected to be announced until at least Q4 2018. Until then, please keep an eye on the various development taking place.

The game engine

We are using the Explore engine, which has been built for us by Devin. This is allowing us to get past some of the limitations of other engines, and allow us to create a (near) infinitely generated map. We will be adding some of our scripting back into the engine as we build Risen from ground.

Explore engine terrain example
Explore engine lighting example

The picture above was taken from Devin’s blog, and shows an example of landscape generation, lighting, and landscape texture placement.

The picture to the left was also taken from Devin’s blog, and shows an example of lighting using 3 directional lights on a less exaggerated terrain.

The soundtrack

The sound track is being produced by Grind Ambition Productions. You will be able to purchase the soundtrack separately from the store, and all proceeds from sales of the soundtrack will go directly to Grind Ambition Productions.

Rock Band