Risen from ground is a 3rd person MMO that is being created by the team at Button Bashed Technologies. While looking for a new project to take on, one of the BBT members Nomk came up with an idea to make a classic role playing game, dark and gloomy, while using a modern engine with polished graphics and not as pixelated as the classics were.

As risen from ground is currently in it’s pre alpha stage of development, an open beta for risen from ground will be announced in the future. Until then, please keep an eye on the various development taking place. And join us in Discord.

The login screen

A simple 3 step system

  • Account Registration and Login
  • Character Selection
  • Server Selection

The docks

Currently the starting area in the game

It has some clusters of rocks, a path through some trees, a building with some candles inside on a table, and the dock you can see, as well as a cave

The cave leads into the middle of the hill with no cutscenes or additional loading needed

The soundtrack

The sound track is being produced by Grind Ambition Productions. You will be able to purchase the soundtrack separately from the store, and all proceeds from sales of the soundtrack will go directly to Grind Ambition Productions.

Rock Band